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The Apple iPod. Ultralight, efficient, beautiful, and powered by blazing FireWire®. You’ve been reading all about them, the new models are even more enticing, and you know you want one…But you have a G3 PowerBook with no built-in FireWire, and you’re singing the unsupported blues. If you can’t afford a new model, or you just plain love your Lombard or Wallstreet, there is a solution.
iPod power supply

Maybe you already have a PC CardBus to provide a FireWire connection for your PBG3, but you’ve read that it won’t work in this case since it doesn’t supply the power the iPod needs. Don’t give up! (See the CardBus Suppliers on our Extras Page!)

Redcuff’s FW/DC powercable allows you to power your FireWire CardBus using the iPod’s own power supply. The supplied power allows the iPod to mount on your PowerBook G3 normally.

• Elegant, lightweight and compact
• Shielded cable/1.5m - Top quality connectors
• Fast delivery, shipping included in price
• A lot cheaper than a new PowerBook G4!

Developed by a Mac user for other Mac users!

Apple iPod & R-Boy $28 Shipping costs included!


«The easiest way to let your PowerBook G3 recognize an iPod using a power-jack equipped FireWire PC CardBus, and Redcuff’s FW/DC Powercable, without the need for an external power-supply!»

PowerBook G3

Not sure which PowerBook model you have? Is it CardBus compatible?
Apple or Bookendz and our FAQ page can answer that question.

Our FAQ and Extras pages are full of information about the Powercable and PC Cards, with helpful links.

Still need to know more? Please contact our technical support team.

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